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A Canadian Collaboration Identifies the First Causative Gene, FOXL1, for Otosclerosis



A Canadian Collaboration Identifies the First Causative Gene, FOXL1, for Otosclerosis

Lucas et al write about a long-standing collaboration between Memorial University (Newfoundland and Labrador) and Western University (Ontario) that has leveraged the power of interdisciplinary expertise and large families to identify novel hearing loss genes.

Patient-Provider Healthcare Communication in the Hospital Setting

The purpose of this quality improvement study was to proactively address communication barriers imposed by hearing loss in a hospital setting using Wi-Fi-based wireless smartphone technology during patient-provider face-to-face encounters.

Ten Things To Know About Tinnitus

The goal of this article is to provide the reader, with things you might like to know about tinnitus.

CHS Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation

With over 80 years of history supporting Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, Canadian Hearing Services launched CHS Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation, a non-profit organization to advance research and innovation and improve the quality of life for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

Benefits of CAA Membership

Why Should You Join The Canadian Academy of Audiology? CAA is the only national professional association where every vote is by an audiologist. We strive to represent, educate and provide other key benefits to audiologists and students across many career paths. We are active nationally, in the provinces/regions, and internationally. CAA Board of Directors, Administration,...

Be Inspired by Ida

Inspired by Ida is a program that helps hearing care professionals develop their skills in person-centered care and gives clinics a unique opportunity to brand and differentiate their business. Hear from the California Hearing Center how the program has impacted their practice or contact to join the program. California Hearing Center on what it means to be...


The Way I Hear It

Gale Hannan gives us some insight into how she deals with tinnitus.

Audiology in the Classrooms

It seems as though educational audiologists have been talking about noise levels in classrooms for decades, but have we made any progress in reducing them?

From the Labs to the Clinics

Bob Harrison has picked out three unusual images that, as audiologists, you might recognize or not. Try to identify the structure before reading his detailed description.

Noisy Notes

Alberto Behar has been a long-time columnist with CanadianAudiologist, and the Canadian Hearing Report before that with Noisy Notes. Now that he is over 90, he has decided to slow down a bit, and his last column appeared in issue #1, Vol. 9 of Thank you Alberto!

CAA News

CAA News: March 2022
1. The CAA Vestibular Powerpoint To Educate Family Doctors and Others Is Now Available 
2. Four New CAA Vlogs Are Now Available!

Industry News

Industry News: March 2022
1. Congratulations On Your Retirement, Alberto Behar!
2. Announcing the World-Wide Launch of Canadian Hearing Services Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation
3. Obituary: Mahlon Daniel Burkhard
4. Obituary: Tony Frederick Wallace Embleton
5. WS Audiology Is Proud to Announce That We Have Been Selected As One of Hamilton-Niagara's Top Employers For 2022!
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