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Benefits of CAA Membership

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Why Should You Join The Canadian Academy of Audiology?

CAA is the only national professional association where every vote is by an audiologist. We strive to represent, educate and provide other key benefits to audiologists and students across many career paths. We are active nationally, in the provinces/regions, and internationally.

CAA Board of Directors, Administration, and Committees strive to advocate for audiologists all over Canada by providing a unified perspective on issues related to the profession of audiology and hearing health. Efforts include but are not limited to:

  • The Canadian Infant Hearing Task Force (CIHTF). CIHTF has a multidisciplinary research and advocacy program to make early hearing detection and intervention programs available across Canada with active engagement with Federal and Provincial governments, Canadian Paediatric Society national conference exhibit attendance, and more.
  • Working with provincial associations to support issues related to third-party funding in more than one province.
  • Working with the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery to implement Direct Referral in provinces where this does not exist.
  • Membership in the Hearing Health Alliance of Canada (HHAC), working towards a National Hearing Strategy and implementation engaging federal and provincial levels of government.
  • Membership in The Canadian Coalition for Adult Hearing Health (CCAHH) (CAA, SAC, UBC, and a family practice MD) and presenting at a Family Practise conference this year.
  • Participating in joint initiatives with federal health third-party funding agencies to optimize funding of hearing health services and efficient processing of claims for consumers (Federal funding agencies, CAA, and SAC).
  • Accessibility support, Canada Accessibility Act, development of professional standards and competencies, and more…

Education has always been a hallmark of CAA, with our Webinars, Blogs, Virtual conference modules, and in-person conferences resuming Oct 12 to 15 this year at the Sheraton on the Falls, in Niagara Falls, Ontario. In addition, our Canadian Audiologist online journal is the most read Canadian Hearing Health journal. 

Support materials for audiologists thatare designed to help audiologists with their practice. This includes marketing tools, a PPT program to share with family practitioners, awareness materials, etc.

Awareness building is done through newsletters, films, social media, World Hearing Day and May Hearing Month events, print and digital public-facing campaigns, and ads in CBC podcasts and social media. We also provide posters and other media to support member campaigns.

Competitive liability insurance and other numerous benefits.

We encourage you to join our membership with the lowest rate for a national association in Canada. Many more benefits await you, including the opportunity to participate in growing the profession of audiology in Canada. Benefits included are available on the website.

For membership:

See you soon on any of our platforms.

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