Following are a selection of interesting news items from our field. This section will be updated on a continuous basis so check back often in between issues, to see what is new.

Type 2 Diabetes May Damage Hearing, Study Finds

Source: HealthDay

A review in the journal Current Diabetes Reports found an association between type 2 diabetes and hearing impairment, particularly among younger patients. However, researchers said additional research is needed.

Uber’s In-App Features Create Job Opportunities for Deaf Drivers

Source: CBC News

For many Uber users, much of the appeal of the ride-hailing service is that most of the transaction can be done through an app. But for one Toronto Uber driver, it's about much more than convenience. Shafiul Hoque is a deaf driver who says thanks to the company's technology-driven approach, he has his first job in more than a decade.

These Audio Cues Are For the Birds

Source: ScienceDaily

While analyzing and untangling multiple environmental sounds is an important social tool for humans, for animals that analysis is a critical survival skill. Yet humans and animals use similar cues to make sense of their acoustic worlds, according to new research.

May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month

Throughout the month of May, Canadian Academy of Audiology puts in extra effort to highlight the importance of hearing health within our communities.

Our ability to communicate effectively with family members, friends and the general public is something we often take for granted. An inability to communicate can have a debilitating effect on our quality of life.

We hope you share these articles, and videos on hearing health with your family, friends and general public.

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Interviews with Jann Arden, and Marshall Chasin

  • Jann Arden & Marshall Chasin, AuD., Editor in Chief of the Canadian Audiologist, discuss the topic of hearing loss on Breakfast Television

Living with Hearing Loss Video

  • Created to help promote, and support the profession of audiology, and hearing healthcare in Canada.


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University Challenge Submissions

  • Promoting the Field of Audiology/Hearing Health Awareness to the General Public (videos and brochure)

We hope that by creating or sharing these videos, and articles that we help promote the importance of hearing health within our communities. Please share with your friends and families as an inability to communicate can have a debilitating effect on our quality of life.

BC Balance and Dizziness Disorders Society Offering Educational Grants

Source: BC Balance and Dizziness Disorders Society

The purpose of this education fund is to provide funding for educational opportunities that aim to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and/or quality of life of individuals with vestibular disorders. $10,000 will be awarded annually. Each applicant may apply for a maximum of $2,500.

Applications due: June 30, 2016. Click here to apply.

New Centre for Hearing Loss Research in Newfoundland, Canada

Source: Audiology Worldnews

A new research and development center, called the Genomic-Based R&D Centre for Hearing Science, which focuses on genetic forms of hearing loss, has been opened in Grand Falls-Windsor, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Dr. John Niparko Suddenly Dies

Source: The Hearing Blog

With great sadness we report the sudden passing yesterday of Dr John Niparko, one of the very finest CI surgeons in the world; and quite a friend of the hearing impaired community.

Socially Meaningful Sounds Can Change Ear, Improve Hearing, Study Finds

Source: ScienceDaily

Hearing socially meaningful sounds can change the ear and enable it to better detect those sounds, according to researchers who studied the phenomenon in green treefrogs.

Hearing Aid Use is Associated With Improved Cognitive Function in Hearing-Impaired Elderly

Source: ScienceDaily

Older adults who used a hearing aid performed significantly better on cognitive tests than those who did not use a hearing aid, despite having poorer hearing, new research indicates.

Critical to Screen Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis for Hearing Impairment

Source: ScienceDaily

The objective of a new review is to evaluate published clinical reports related to hearing impairment in patients with RA. Furthermore, researchers discuss possible pathologies and associated factors as well as new treatment modalities.