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Volume 11

Don’t You “Never Mind” Me!

The most hurtful words a person with hearing loss (PWHL) can be told when asking for something to be repeated:
“Never mind.” “Don’t worry about it.” “Oh, nothing.” “It wasn’t important.”

Volume 10

A PWHL at a Professional Conference

Gael often speaks at hearing care professional (HCP) conferences and it’s not unusual to feel a bit isolated, like a fish out of water.

Volume 5

Assessing Classroom Learning Environments

In a follow up to last issue’s article, Pam Millett expands on the complex classroom learning environments that students with hearing loss encounter on a typical school day.

Volume 3

Don’t Make Us Beg

Gael Hannan points out that consumer advocates want to work with the hearing health industry to bring about change but Canadians with hearing loss are waiting. Please, don’t make them beg.

Volume 2

What You SHOULD Say to People Who Have Hearing Loss

Advocates are often posting articles about what NOT to say to deaf people. In this instalment of “The Way I Hear It,” Gael Hannan tells us what we SHOULD say.

The World’s Shortest Audiology Course (Delivered by a Client)

Gael Hannan taps into her inner professor and gives us “The World’s Shortest Audiology Course.”

Volume 1

I Dream of Music

Gael Hannan shares her dream of being able hear, understand, and enjoy music the way the hearing people do.