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Volume 7

Feasibility of Using Tele-Audiology in the Canadian Marketplace as An Alternative To Live Appointments for Follow-Up Services

Alexander et al explain why we need to embrace new technology focused on connectivity that may be applied to healthcare, such as tele-audiology, as this has the potential to enhance the delivery of care to patients and alter our current business structure.

Volume 4

20Q: Frequency Lowering Ten Years Later – New Technology Innovations

Courtesy of our good friends at AudiologyOnline, we’re pleased to reprint their September 2016, 20 Questions interview with Joshua Alexander.

Volume 3

Hearing Aid Delay and Current Drain in Modern Digital Devices

Key considerations when hearing aid engineers design new features are processing time (delay) and battery consumption (current drain). There are not many studies that have investigated delay and current drain in modern digital hearing aids. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to provide benchmark and comparative data on these variables as acquired in the context of a yearly AuD student assignment.