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Volume 7

Do We Really Need an Audiometric Booth?

The “golden rule” for performing an audiometric test requires the use of a booth; however, there are circumstances where booths are absent.

Annoyance and Low-Frequency Noise

Measurements and assessment of most noises are relatively easy and have commonly accepted standards There are, however, situations, where most of the energy is concentrated in the lower end of the audible spectra, where the assessment presents problems that are not yet solved.

Noise, Vibrations, and Hearing Loss in the Workplace

This is a review of papers accessed from the Google ScholarTM and MendeleyTM databases that deal with risk of hearing loss when mechanical vibrations are also applied to the bodies of noise-exposed workers.

The Ubiquitous (or Mysterious Decibel (dB)

Noise expert Alberto Behar explains why the dB is not a unit at all.

Those Annoying Low-Frequency Noises…

Alberto Behar explores the issue of low-frequency noise.

Volume 6

Noisy Notes – Sound Intensity and Sound Pressure

Other than audiologists and engineers working in industrial noise control, audiologists will almost always use sound level or sound pressure, rather than intensity. When in doubt, use the terms “pressure,” “sound pressure level,” and “SPL” and you will be right 99% of the cases!

Wind Turbines Noise Effects Study by Health Canada

Are there harmful effects from the noise generated by the wind turbines and, if the answer is “yes”, what are they and what are the risks they represent?

Why Do We Like Noise

Alberto Behar wonders why when a noise issue is not hearing hazard, it appears that noise is often not seen as a problem worth considering.

The NRR: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Noise expert Alberto Behar explores The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the Noise Reduction Rating

Scalpel-Free Surgery Using Everyday Acoustics

Noise expert Alberto Behar looks at the recent developments of “Scalpel-Free Surgery Using Everyday Acoustics”