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Volume 8

Brainvolts and Nina Kraus

Even though this is an interview about
it’s difficult to separate Nina Kraus from Brainvolts.

Volume 6

Dr. Dick Salvi – “The Man Who Liked Salicylate”

In celebration of his life’s work, friends and colleagues share their thoughts on the outstanding career of Dr. Richard Salvi.

A Cold-Weather Experiment

Our intrepid explorer Marshall Chasin travels to more to than 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle and experimented with the effect of the lower speed of sound in the Arctic.

Volume 5

Smartphones and Microphones

Marshall looks at the pros and cons of the multitude of apps that can turn smartphones into sound-level meters, recording devices, playback devices, and to be coupled with external devices for hearing aids.

Going Beyond the Phoneme…to the Word and Beyond!

With apologies to Buzz Lightyear, Marshall’s column sees us, “Going Beyond the Phoneme…to the Word and Beyond!”

A Primer on Equivalent Volume, Impedance, and Couplers for Hearing Aids

So, next time you hear the word impedance, and your eyes start to glaze over, don’t panic! substitute “equivalent volume” and note that it is larger for lower frequencies and smaller for higher frequencies.

In-Ear Monitors Need to be Aimed at the Eardrum…True or False?

With some assistance from his cats, Marshall Chasin concludes that there are many over-the-ear earphones (that can be used as monitors as well) that provide a wonderfully flat and broad band response without having to aim at the eardrum.

Binaural Interference- A Guide for Audiologists

ISBN: 978-1-63550-076-9 List price: $69.95 URL: As the editor in chief of Canadian Audiologist it is my responsibility to select reviewers for new publications. Typically this can be like pulling teeth but for Binaural Interference- A Guide for Audiologists there was a deluge of volunteer reviewers. I first thought of playing King Solomon who…

To Use Google Translate or Not? That Is the Question.

Like many colleagues, Marshall Chasin explores the growing use of Google Translate (and similar programs, such as Babylon) as part of a clinical toolkit.

Volume 4

Hearing Aids and the 3 PM Crash

Many of Marshall Chasin’s patients comment that around 3 PM they hit the wall and need a nap and he wonders why this is rarely ever mentioned or discussed relative to the audiology clinic.