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Volume 10

Musical Pathways and Roads

Musical Roads, as the name suggests, are roads that can “play” a song while you are driving on them.  The first report of a musical road was in 1995 in Denmark.

Never Take Pictures In the Men’s Washroom–Even for Hearing Science!

After seeing a movie over the holiday season, I was almost chased out of the movie theater…NEVER TAKE PICTURES IN THE MEN’S WASHROOM!

The Case of the Missing C#

Another audiological mystery solved by an intrepid audiologist-detective.

Life as an Audiologist: Stories Too Good Not to Tell

Even the best hearing care professionals make mistakes or find themselves in unexpected situations. Here are some humorous and poignant stories from “the trenches” of audiology.

What is Bluetooth and Is It Secure? sat down with Steve Armstrong of SoundGoodLabs to talk about Bluetooth.

Volume 9

Quick Answers

Q:  Is someone with a hearing loss more (or less) susceptible to future hearing deterioration from loud than those with normal hearing? A:  One’s initial gut feeling is that if there is already cochlear damage, then this would increase the chances of further hearing difficulty when compared with someone with normal cochlear function, given the…

Non-Auditory Effects of Environmental Noise

The study of non-auditory effects of everyday environmental noise such as sleep disruptions and annoyance are not traditionally part of audiology. Most of the researchers are not audiologists, and the journals, while well-respected and peer-reviewed, are not mainstream audiology publications. This white paper is a primer for this important area of study and will also appear on the Canadian Academy of Audiology website at

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Non-auditory Effects of Lower-Level Environmental Noise This issue of is about audiology and also not about audiology. The topic of how lower levels of environmental noise affect the body has been formally studied since 1946, yet has not shown anything definitive about long-term effects related to sleep disruption, annoyance, or overall stress. The following…

Congratulations on Your Retirement, Alberto Behar!

Alberto Behar has been a long-time columnist with CanadianAudiologist, and the Canadian Hearing Report before that with Noisy Notes. Now that he is over 90, he has decided to slow down a bit, and his last column appeared in issue #1, Vol. 9 of Thank you Alberto!

Book Review

Audiological Research Over Six DecadesJames Jerger, PhDPlural Publishing, Inc.ISBN # 978-1-63550-370-8 Reviewed by Marshall Chasin, AuD I must admit to being a voyeur… or at least a historical voyeur. Audiological Research Over Six Decades provides us with a historical glimpse into how the research was performed, and its evolution, and in some cases, its return…