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Volume 3

PCAST and the Confusion Over the Word “Basic”

In this issue’s Back to Basics column, Marshall Chasin looks at “PCAST and the Confusion Over the Word ‘Basic’”

Going Beyond the Phoneme…to the Word and Beyond!

Marshall Chasin explains that while the Speech Intelligibility Index can provide information on the phonemes of a language, one needs to go beyond the phoneme to the word and the sentence as well.

Book Review

Handbook of Acoustic Accessibility: Best practices for listening, learning, and literacy in the classroom. (2012) edited by Joseph Smaldino and Carol Flexer. Thieme Publishing: New York, ISBN# 978-1-60406-765-1. As the editor of Canadian Audiologist I receive many books that I redirect to my audiology colleagues for a book review. From time to time I find…

Linguistics 101 for Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Class is in session for this issue’s “Back to Basics as Professor Marshall Chasin tells us about “Linguistics 101 for Hearing Healthcare Professionals.”

The Final Element

Marshall Chasin tells us about “The Final Element.” That one last piece of the puzzle to optimize a hearing aid for music.

The CROS Hearing Aid: Ends and Beginnings

In the first part of this unique feature, Marshall Chasin pens an obituary regarding the recent “death” of the CROS Hearing Aid. In the second part of this feature, Dr. Neil Bauman explains, that while Harry Teder patented this concept back in 1964, in actuality, CROS hearing aids had already been in use for 10 years by this time without anyone even realizing it!

Volume 2

In-Ear Monitors Need To Be Aimed at the Eardrum… True or False?

Inspired by a trip to the vet, Marshall Chasin explores the question of whether “In-Ear Monitors Need To Be Aimed at the Eardrum.”

What is the Best Earphone for Listening To Music?

Do you ever wonder what the best earphone for listening to music is? Marshall Chasin has the answers.

Defensive Audiology: Balancing On Your Back Leg

In this issue’s Back to Basics, our resident audiology (and karate) black belt, Marshall Chasin, gives us a lesson in how to practice “Defensive Audiology.”

Getting a Little Batty for Audiology

Marshall Chasin has all the (audiology) answers on how to evade a bat’s echolocation signal and come up with a survival strategy.