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Volume 10

Thinking Outside the Booth: Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

In this issue Dr Warick shares the experience of Miron Gazda, a client of the Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility and the with the range of a hearing clinical services and programs they offer.

Volume 6

Audiology in the Classrooms – A Terminology Primer for Education

This primer will focus on terminology, abbreviations, and jargon commonly used in education. Terminology will vary across jurisdictions, but many terms are common across Canada, North America and even internationally.

Volume 4

Introducing Grand Central Station – Where All Lines of Information Connect!

Dr. Kelly Tremblay joins Canadian Audiologist with her new column, “Grand Central Station.” Grand Central Station” is aimed at connecting clinicians with science, acknowledging that this is sometimes a two-way return trip. Readers will be invited to submit their questions regarding a research topic/article and these questions will be responded to, based on published research.