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Volume 9

A Canadian Collaboration Identifies the First Causative Gene, FOXL1, for Otosclerosis

Lucas et al write about a long-standing collaboration between Memorial University (Newfoundland and Labrador) and Western University (Ontario) that has leveraged the power of interdisciplinary expertise and large families to identify novel hearing loss genes.

Realizing the Benefits
of Group Aural Rehabilitation in Newfoundland

Funded by a 2019 IDA Institute clinical research grant, audiologists Anne Griffin and Taylor Burt explore how the benefits of group aural rehabilitation could be made accessible to people with hearing loss in rural Newfoundland.

Volume 8

Spotlight on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Canadian University Audiology Programs

Within our society, universities play an important role in advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. While progress has been made over the past few decades, Universities Canada recognizes that more can and must be done to truly achieve inclusive excellence.

Volume 7

Ten Ways to Improve Hearing Access During Your Next Virtual Meeting

Understanding potential listening barriers and identifying how to effectively maximize communication is the key to holding a successful virtual meeting.

Volume 6

Issues in Accessibility – Current Accessibility Strategies in Audiology Practice: A Review of the 2019 CAA Accessibility Survey Results

Accessibility is about creating communities, workplaces, and services that enable everyone to participate fully in society without barriers – this includes audiology clinics. With the adoption of Provincial accessibility legislation (Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario) and the federal Accessible Canada Act, there is now greater support to create accessible environments in Canada. This takes the onus…

Seven Steps for Creating an Accessibility Project to Reduce Barriers for People who are Hard of Hearing in the Community

With the passing of Bill C-81:  The Accessible Canada Act., this article hopes to outline seven steps to help create an accessibility project in your community.

Accessibility: A Community Affair

Anne Griffin brings us up to speed on recent accessibility efforts in Grand Falls-Windsor, Central Newfoundland.

Volume 3

Genomic Hearing Research and Development in Newfoundland

This article will tell you all about Newfoundland and Labrador’s Centre for Genomics-Based Research and Development in Hearing Science and its mission to facilitate discovery, innovation, and knowledge translation, with a focus on the genomic determinants of auditory dysfunction.