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Volume 9

Use of Hearing Aids in a Noisy Workplace Environment

Hearing loss is a well-known fact, resulting from many causes, the main ones being associated with aging and exposure to high noise levels for extended periods. It is also no secret that wearing hearing aids will greatly facilitate navigating through everyday life by allowing the wearer to hear speech, music, and noises in general.

Volume 8

Patient Satisfaction With Widex Moment™ Hearing Aids in Real-Life Listening Environments

Widex’s Craig Spencer shares their recent study results supporting a direct application of its results to real-life clinical settings in Canada and provides evidence that satisfaction levels with MOMENT™ MRR2D 440 instruments are significantly higher than existing technologies on the market.

How I Became Unethical

James Curran looks back at a time when, if an audiologist dispensed (sold) a hearing aid, it was considered unethical behavior by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and resulted in membership expulsion and loss of professional certification.

When They Take Away Your Hearing Aids

There’s a special kind of deaf felt by people who use hearing aids all the time, every minute of their waking day. This special deaf is what you become when your devices are removed—to be examined by the technical gods because Something. Is. Wrong.

Volume 7

Why Don’t Our Doctors Ask About Our Hearing?

Gael tells us about a recent experience with her father and how some seniors won’t bring up the subject of hearing loss – so the ball needs to go into the physician’s court.

Disinfecting Hearing Aids with UV Light: Yes or No?

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised questions about the general efficacy of ultraviolet (UV) light for disinfecting hearing aid surfaces. Is it effective? The short answer: it depends.

Me Vs. The Mask

As we crawl our way through this global pandemic, Gael understands the need for masks. But that doesn’t mean she has to like them.

During The Pandemic — We Still Need You!

Gael Hannan would like audiologists to remind their clients to reach out others on hearing loss via social media – they will be glad to hear from you!

Optimizing Outcomes for Children Who are Hard of Hearing

Walker et al write about how accurate pictures of how hearing aids support language development in children who are hard of hearing and why it is essential to implementing scientifically-based intervention and counseling for caregivers.