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Volume 5

Science Matters: Alternative Models of Hearing Care for Older Adults

With age-related hearing loss being among the most chronic health conditions for older adults, Sara Mamo presents an excellent article on Alternative Models of Hearing Care for Older Adults

Volume 4

Breaking the Vicious Circles that Perpetuate Negative Attitudes Towards Hearing Care

Curtis Alcock explores the widely held assumption that people don’t want to be seen wearing hearing technology. Believing this, the industry has develop hearing solutions designed to be concealed. He wonders why hearing care professionals suggest people want to keep it hidden? Out of all the positive messages we could have focused on, why chose a negative one?

Volume 3

How Do We Incorporate Hearing Screening Into Primary Care?

Given a lack of government mandates for attention to declining hearing, Barbara Weinstein explains that the audiology community needs to raise physicians’ awareness of what happens when it is ignored.