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Volume 6

WWII Bomber Crews & Hearing Loss: Part I

Robert Traynor takes a look at huge noise exposure among the air crews in bombers and fighter planes in WWI.

Audiologic Considerations for People with Normal Hearing Sensitivity yet Hearing Difficulty and/or Speech in Noise Problems

This paper examines a common scenario and reminds audiologists that it is important to listen to their patients’ complaints and be ready to help them find solutions for their HDs.

Can Wind Turbine Noise Make You Ill?

With the increased importance of renewable energy it is important that audiologists become acquainted with the health issues related to wind turbine noise.

Help! We Hate Hearing Tests!

Gael lets us know about the importance of audiologist being aware of the anxiety caused by hearing tests.

Accessibility is for Everyone

Accessibility is about creating communities, workplaces, educational institutions, and services that enable everyone to participate fully in society without barriers.

Volume 5

Does It Matter?

Gael Hannan question attitudes towards hearing loss with her poem, Does It Matter?

Music, Sound Quality, and Hearing Aids: An Interview with Brian Moore and Richard Einhorn

Courtesy Doug Beck and our friends at Hearing Review we’re happy to give you An Interview with Brian Moore and Richard Einhorn on Music, Sound Quality, and Hearing Aids.

Audiology and Psychiatry: A Proposal to Work Together

In this issue, Kelly Tremblay focuses on another risk factor that was identified by the Lancet Commission – late-life depression, and the psychosocial consequences of a feeling of disconnect due to hearing loss.

Stories From our Past

Courtesy of our friends at, Robert Traynor tells us about the fascinating Howard Hughes and The Road to Hearing Loss.

Noisy Notes: Orchestra Players and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in orchestra players is not a new problem. It has been acknowledged and discussed for many years by many researchers. While results can be variable, one thing everybody agrees upon, is that many other musicians (such as rock, hard metal, etc) do suffer some degree of hearing loss.