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Volume 5

Ready, S.E.T., Listen: A Model for Choosing Hearing Assistance Technology

Pam Millett tell us how the Ready, S(tudent) E(nvironment) T(eacher), Listen model framework was modified to discuss variables that audiologists need to consider to make the best choice of Hearing Assistance Technology. In this column, Pam focuses on the S – the student part.

Volume 4

Science Matters – From Person-Centred Moments to Person-Centred Culture

Laya Poost-Foroosh investigates the barriers in health professional practice for developing and enacting person-centred care. She found that organizational culture plays an important role in clinicians’ familiarity with PCC and awareness of contextual barriers to PCC. Her research showed that health professionals who have support from their organizations have more opportunities to practice in a person-centred way, rather than performing person-centred moments.