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Volume 4


Alberto Behar give us the lowdown on uses and accuracy when it comes to choosing a sound level meter App.

Volume 3

Upcoming Acoustical Events

Did you wonder if there is anything coming up for people with an interest in the effects of noise and noise control? Alberto Behar gives is the lowdown on the upcoming acoustical events around the world.

Predicting Musician’s Hearing Loss

Alberto Behar writes that there is nothing new regarding hearing loss from long duration exposure to loud noise. The question has always been on how loud is loud and how long a duration should be to be considered as “long.”


Readers of Alberto’s column should by now be used to his predilection for rigorously defining terms that are frequently used in the acoustics side of the field. In keeping with that practice he defines Hearing Protectors, Hearing Loss, and Intelligibility, so that there will be no misunderstandings.

Can We Measure Our Age in dB? … You Must Be Kidding?

The answer to this question may surprise you.


In modern life there are noise sources that may not cause hearing loss but are highly annoying. Alberto Behar gives us his “hit list” of the worst offenders.

Volume 2

Sound Pressure and Sound Power

Our resident noise guru Alberto Behar gives us a lesson on “Sound Pressure and Sound Power.”

The Best Hearing Protector

Alberto Behar explores the issue of hearing protection comfort related to usage.

Let’s Talk Basics!

When measuring sound or noise we often get immersed in dBA, sound pressures, intensity, levels, etc. Do we need all of those? Most probably, no! It depends what you want to describe/measure, but still you have to know which term to use and when! Alberto Behar will sort it out for us.

The New CSA Z94.2 Standard: Hearing Protection Devices — Performance, Selection, Care, and Use is Now Published

After 12 years there is now a new version of CSA Standard Z94.2 “Hearing protection devices Performance, Selection, Care, and Use.” Alberto Behar and Tim Kelsall bring us the highlights.