Volume 3

Development of the TTY – Part IV: The Final Chapter

In this installment of “Stories from Our Past,” Robert Traynor looks a the development of the TTY.

Deep Canal Hearing Aids – A Concept, Not a Style

Wayne Staab tells us the story of how, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a series of events occurred that brought fitting hearing aids more deeply into the ear canal.

Who is the REAL “Father of Audiology?”

Courtesy our newest contributor, Robert Traynor, we are about to find out “Who is the Real Father of Audiology?”

Volume 2

Remote Teleprogramming of Hearing Aids

In this installment of Trends, Wayne Staab looks at “Remote Teleprogramming of Hearing Aids.”

Audiometer Evolution – Can Instruments Evolve?

George J Frye muses that evolution can occur that has little effect on the outward appearance of the object. While this involves operator interface features of an instrument rather than its inner workings, does this apply to instruments used in audiology?

Otometry: Hearing Aid Fitting History

Wayne Staab give us a history lesson on the origins of otometry.

The Hearing Aids of Yesteryear

Dr. Neil Bauman breaks out the audiology time machine and takes us on a fascinating look at the “Hearing Aids of Yesteryear.”

Hal-Hen History

Alan More brings us the fascinating history of the enduring partnership between Harold Spar and Henry Meltsner and the innovation and advancements of Hal-Hen.

Volume 1

History of Acoustic Impedance Measurement

Wayne Staab pulls double duty in this issue and tells us all about the “History of Acoustic Impedance Measurement.”

A History of e2e Wireless Technology

Rebecca Herbig, Roland Barthel, and Eric Branda, give us a history of e2e wireless technology.