Volume 8

When in Doubt, Lock ‘Em Up in the Dark!

John Franks shares a story from the 1970s where an unfortunate oversight led to an unconventional treatment discovery.

Volume 7

A Brief History of Adenoidectomy – A Glowing Report of the Post Nasal Space

Courtesy our friends at entandaudiologynews.com, we are happy to share Conroy and Riddington Young’s “A Brief History of Adenoidectomy.”

Aircraft Noise Reduction During WWII

Robert Traynor tells the story of how much of the research on early aircraft noise levels was conducted at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, spearheaded by a virtual “Who’s – Who” of Physics at the time.

Volume 6

Sound Branding

Wayne Staab ponders the question, “Can a sound can be branded?”

HOG’s Sweet Sound

Wayne Staab explores why many people seem to enjoy the loud sounds of their beloved “Hog.”

WWII Bomber Crews and Hearing Loss: Part II

Robert Traynor continues his look at noise exposure among the air crews in bombers and fighter planes in WWII.

WWII Bomber Crews & Hearing Loss: Part I

Robert Traynor takes a look at huge noise exposure among the air crews in bombers and fighter planes in WWI.

Movies Too Loud? Still?

Wayne Staab explores the question of whether the high loudness levels of many movies help to tell the story or intended to cover a weak story?

Volume 5

Part 1: Hearing Aid Battery – Where Are We?

In this issue’s installment, Wayne Staab takes a two-part look at the evolution of the hearing aid battery.

Auriculostomy – First Surgical Hearing Aid Approach

Wayne provides an historical archive to the application of hearing aids with his column “Auriculostomy – First Surgical Hearing Aid Approach.”