Thinking Outside the Booth

This issue of has three of these Canadian agencies – Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, with their main office in Victoria, British Columbia; Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility (formerly the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) in Vancouver, British Columbia; and Canadian Hearing Services (formerly Canadian Hearing Society), with main offices in Toronto, Ontario.

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre, Victoria, British Columbia By Rachel Walters
Rachel Walters shares her experience meeting with Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre’s (IDHHC) Amanda Windle to discuss assistive technology that might help her mom.

Thinking Outside the Booth: Canadian Hearing Services

Founded in 1940, Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) has a long history and many years of experience providing products, services and education that empower Deaf and hard-of-hearing Canadians to overcome barriers to participation.

CAA May Hearing Month Campaign

In recognition of May Hearing Month CAA is proud to offer this 4-part campaign to download, print, share and post for public and professional education.

Managing Older Adults with Cognitive Health Worries

Audiologists must recognize the overwhelming impact of age-related hearing loss on an individual’s quality of life which may affect cognitive health, increase risk of falls and injuries and lead to lower well-being. Clinicians are called to expand the traditional evaluation process and management strategies to provide appropriate care and support to this vulnerable population.


What’s New About Getting Older?

One of the most perplexing epidemiological statistics for audiologist is that only about 1 in 5 people with audiometric hearing loss who might benefit from amplification use hearing aids. How can audiologists improve hearing care for older adults?

Quick Answers

Bill Hodgetts answers one of the most common questions he gets from audiologists “how can you fit bilateral bone conduction devices when the inter-aural attenuation by bone conduction is 0 dB?” And, “won’t there be confusion as the two signals compete at the cochlear level?

Audiology in the Classrooms

Pam Millett shares her conversation with Angela Harrison, the Assistive Technologist Consultant at the Student Accessibility Services Office at McMaster University in Hamilton, to chat about her experiences in supporting deaf and hard-of-hearing students who require assistive technology.

The Way I Hear It

Gael shares a poem inspired by three interminable hours spent waiting while her hearing aids were ‘being looked at’ by technicians at the manufacturer’s offices.

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Industry News: May 2023
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CAA News: May 2023
1. CAA May Hearing Month Campaign
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