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Canadian Academy of Audiology Conference

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Between the two of us, Canadian Audiologist Editor-in-Chief Marshall Chasin and I likely attend around a dozen conferences a year, and hands down, our favourite continues to be the annual conference of the Canadian Academy of Audiology. The conference is intimate and accessible, consistently offers a world class selection of speakers and learning opportunities, and continues to be the ideal spot to connect with new and reconnect with old friends and colleagues.

We are excited to update the readership on the planning of the upcoming conference taking place from October 21–24, 2015 in historic Niagara Falls. This year’s conference is shaping up to be a truly memorable event. The steering committee is delighted at the positive responses they have received thus far. The amazing line up of speakers will include global experts on topics ranging from basic discovery to clinical application, and features Drs. Sharon Kujawa (Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts Eye and Ear), Larry Humes (Indiana University), Kris English (The University of Akron), Piers Dawes (The University of Manchester), Michael Valente (Washington University), Andrea Pittman (Arizona State University)…the list goes on and on! Also confirmed for the social event is comedian DJ Demers. When asked about appearing at the largest meeting of audiologists in Canada, DJ indicated that he “does not want to be known as the ‘deaf comic’…unless it brings in more money of course.” We look forward to seeing you all in October!

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About the author

Gurjit Singh, MSc, PhD

Gurjit Singh, PhD, Reg. CASLPO is a Senior Research Audiologist and Program Manager at Phonak AG in Switzerland, the largest manufacturer of hearing loss rehabilitation technologies (e.g., hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc) in the world. He works in the long-term research division of the company and is based in Toronto, Canada. In addition to holding Adjunct Professor status in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University, he also holds Adjunct status at the University of Toronto and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. He is also a clinical audiologist (Reg. CASLPO) and the current Past-President of the Canadian Academy of Audiology. Broadly, he is interested in factors that contribute to success with audiologic rehabilitation. His projects focus on the audiologic consequences of listening to signals that contain or evoke emotional responses, the role of cognition in hearing, emerging technologies (e.g., internet technologies), and factors that contribute to judgment and decision-making in patients and practitioners. Dr. Singh completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute that focused on teleaudiology, a PhD (Cognitive Psychology) from the University of Toronto where his research focused on the role of attention in speech understanding, an M.Sc. (Audiology) from the University of Western Ontario, and an M.A. (Social Psychology) from the University of Waterloo.