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Outcomes of Patients Implanted with the Bonebridge Bone Conduction Device

Do Adults with Increased Fitness Levels Show Resistance to Age-Related Hearing Loss?

About the authors

Ricky Chow, MCl Sc Candidate

Ricky is a recent graduate of Western University's MCl Sc in audiology. He is originally from Toronto, where he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto with a major in neuroscience. Ricky is particularly interested in tonal language development in children fitted with amplification or implantable devices, and hopes to one day contribute to this growing body of research.

Tori Stone, MCl Sc Candidate

A recent graduate from Western University's Clinical Masters in Audiology, Tori Stone is now working for the Canadian Hearing Society in Toronto, Ontario.  With a passion for innovation, a love for healthcare and self-empowerment, and commitment to life-long learning, she is excited to dive headfirst into a challenging and rewarding career as an audiologist.