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The meaning of Susan Scollie [ska:li]



The meaning of Susan Scollie [ska:li]

This issue of is proud to be able to celebrate the life’s achievements of Dr. Susan Scollie. When her colleagues were surreptitiously asked to contribute an article, they only had to be asked once before immediately agreeing.

Children: They are not just little adults

Anne Marie is proud to call Susan a friend and colleague and hopes she will continue to benefit children with hearing loss and their families, inspire young clinicians and researchers, and maintain passion for her work for many years to come!

Rock On, Susan!

Dr. Susan Scollie is a huge Rockstar in the field of audiology and her contributions are immeasurable.

Susan Scollie: Collaborator, Mentor, and Friend

Sheila and Marlene share some unique stories of working with Susan over the past few decades. Susan has been a tremendous collaborator, mentor, and friend to both of us, and we are pleased to share this tribute.

A Mentor to Us All

In this special issue, we celebrate one of the greatest humans in our field, Susan Scollie.

Susan Scollie: Teacher, Researcher, and Friend

Susan Scollie is a pillar in the field of audiology. Whether you are a UWO-audiology graduate of recent memory, a practicing audiologist specializing in pediatric care, or another researcher in our field, it’s no secret that Susan is a force to be reckoned with.

Susan Scollie: Leadership and Teamwork

Susan’s plans for private practice never were realized, and for that, her students, colleagues, and those with hearing loss are most fortunate.

Things You May Not Know about Susan Scollie

Susan Scollie is currently one of the most famous scientists in pediatric audiology, so it may come as a surprise that there are a few things that most people do not know about her.

Governor General Innovation Award 2022

Led by Dr. Susan Scollie, the team of researchers at National Centre for Audiology at Western University are receiving a Governor General’s Innovation Award for developing the world’s first pediatric hearing aid prescription software.


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