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Canadian Academy of Audiology Conference 2022

Editor’s Note:

The CAA Conference 2022 was held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, from Wednesday October 12 – Saturday October 15.  It was very well attended with over 500 registrations, industry sponsors and industry exhibitors. I have been to hundreds of audiology conferences over the years both in Canada and internationally, and I think that this one was head and shoulders above the rest.  All of the conference speakers were engaging and presented cutting edge, clinically relevant research and case studies. The speakers offered leading edge science, technical and human behaviour foundations and established a link to how it can be applied to clinical practice. As I said in my Editorial, I think we are at a point where audiology can now be thought of as a mature field.  No longer are there talks about X or Y, and only those people who study or perform clinical services for X or Y attended, but now each topic touches on relevant aspects of our clinical practices. I may not perform evoked response audiometry in my clinical setting, but I am constantly amazed by how recent findings from this field inform how I interact and inform my clients.  We will let the pictures from the CAA Conference 2022 do the talking.

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