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Volume 2

Let’s Talk Basics!

When measuring sound or noise we often get immersed in dBA, sound pressures, intensity, levels, etc. Do we need all of those? Most probably, no! It depends what you want to describe/measure, but still you have to know which term to use and when! Alberto Behar will sort it out for us.

The New CSA Z94.2 Standard: Hearing Protection Devices — Performance, Selection, Care, and Use is Now Published

After 12 years there is now a new version of CSA Standard Z94.2 “Hearing protection devices Performance, Selection, Care, and Use.” Alberto Behar and Tim Kelsall bring us the highlights.


Ever wonder what an octave band is? Alberto Behar has the answer.

Volume 1

Motorcycle Noise – Part II

Alberto Behar provides his unique insights once again in Motorcycle Noise Part II.

Motorcycle Noise

Alberto tells us all about the science behind motorcycle noise.


In this issue’s Noisy Notes, Alberto Behar writes about the (in)famous Noise Reduction Rating.

Noise Regulation Needed

The author questions why the people performing audiometric tests in the province of Ontario are not licensed as is the case in other Canadian provinces.