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Volume 11

Who Measures Otoacoustic Emissions?

About six years ago, in my column in Canadian Audiologist, I celebrated the 40th anniversary of the discovery of otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) by David Kemp. wrote about how sound coming out of the ears was initially regarded as paradoxical, and with some scepticism in the scientific and audiology community!

Volume 7

The Ubiquitous (or Mysterious Decibel (dB)

Noise expert Alberto Behar explains why the dB is not a unit at all.

Volume 6

Why is Tinnitus Hard to Measure?

Clearly, quantifying an internal perception such as a phantom sound is not a trivial task, especially when there is no clear cause.

Volume 4


Alberto Behar give us the lowdown on uses and accuracy when it comes to choosing a sound level meter App.

Volume 3

Can We Measure Our Age in dB? … You Must Be Kidding?

The answer to this question may surprise you.

Volume 1

A Geek and His Hearing Aids

In this issue, Wayne Staab and Steve Armstrong tell us about how some hearing aid users have exceptional technical skills that can often challenge those who fit hearing aids.