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Volume 7

Noise Management in Pediatric Hearing Aid Fitting

Scollie and Bagatto explore the difficulties in making recommendations for noise management for children who use hearing aids.

Volume 5

Putting Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Devices Through Verification Paces

Parsa, et al explore the increase in direct-to-consumer PSAPs, OTC hearing aids, and hearables and why it is important to raise consumer awareness on what entails in wearing such devices, and the role of hearing health care professionals in ensuring benefit from amplification even from direct-to-consumer models.

Focus on Research at Western University

This issue looks at what’s happening at the National Centre for Audiology (NCA) at Western University starting with an interview with new director, Dr Susan Scollie.

Volume 4

Using a Dereverberation Program to Improve Speech Intelligibility and Reduce Perceived Listening Effort in Reverberation

In this article, the authors investigated the effect of a hearing aid feature, “Reverberant Room”, on listening effort. Their study measured both speech recognition and perceived listening effort for adult listeners with hearing loss.

Verifying Monaurally and Binaurally Linked Telephone Programs

The tele-test handset provides an excellent means to measure the frequency response, gain and advanced features of hearing aid telecoil-based phone programs. This tool, paired with monitoring and follow-up, can help with troubleshooting and may contribute to increased patient use and satisfaction with telecoil-based hearing aid phone programs in their own environments by preventing dispensing of inappropriate telecoil responses.

Volume 3

Comparing Probe Tube Placements and Frequency Averaging in the Ear Canal Up To 10 kHz

Jonathan Vaisberg and his colleagues from Western University tell us why there is a need for clinicians to be wary of probe tube insertion depth if measuring the true level at the eardrum is the goal.

Volume 2

Clinical Changes to RECD Measures: Understanding How the RECD Fits Into the “Big Picture” of Hearing Aid Fitting

Danielle Glista and her colleagues at The National Centre for Audiology are the guest contributors for this issue and tell us all about the “Clinical Changes to RECD Measures: Understanding How the RECD Fits Into the “Big Picture” of Hearing Aid Fitting.”