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Volume 6

Reflections from a Music Educator on Interdisciplinary Audiology Research

Cathy Benedict from Western University’s Don Wright Faculty of Music takes on her fascinating journey with interdisciplinary audiology research.

Volume 5

Telepractice in Audiology: Supporting Clinical Implementation through Research

This overview article introduces the topic of telepractice in audiology, discusses key practice considerations for beginner providers and outlines current research efforts at the National Centre for Audiology related to pediatric-focused clinical implementation.

In Conversation with Brent Edwards

The name Brent Edwards, PhD really needs no introduction but for the 7 people who do not know Marshall Chasin chats with the Saskatchewan native about his career to date and his relocation to Australia.

Overview of the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences

State-of-the-art teaching labs, research, and study areas create an ideal learning space for The School of Audiology and Speech Sciences (SASS) in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC, the only program in British Columbia that educates speech-language pathologists and audiologists.

Volume 4

From the Labs to the Clinics

Renowned audiologist and researcher Robert Harrison joins Canadian Audiogist as a regular contributor with our new “From the Labs to the Clinics” column.

Volume 3

The LIVELab Facility at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario

Through an informative an interesting Q and A, Dr. Dan Bosnyak and Dr. Laurel Trainor tell us about the exciting research going on at the LIVELab facility in Hamilton, Ontario.

Volume 2

Eriksholm Research Centre – A World-Class Research Facility Located in Denmark

Located 35 km north of Copenhagen – and 50 km away from Oticon’s headquarters – you find Eriksholm Research Centre. Bo Westergard speaks with Uwe Hermann, the senior director of Eriksholm Research Centre, about how their researchers make audiological discoveries with the potential to provide significant end-user benefits in future hearing care.