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Participate in UofA Research on Impact of Noise

A group at the University of Alberta has released an online hearing experiment investigating the impact of noise on following instructions (Pro00105017).

This experiment is only available in English and should take less than 45 minutes. It needs to be completed on a laptop or desktop computer.

If you are interested in participating, please access the experiment here:    

From Ida Ideas Worth Hearing

As humans, we maintain a complex web of relationships with each other and our natural environment. Whether we live in a bustling city or a small town, noises and sounds are a part of our life.
The University of Salford started an exciting research project asking people from around the world to record 30 second sound clips from their personal environments or 'soundscapes'. These clips are then pinned to a Google Map, allowing people to listen to different sounds by country and region. Click on the red map pins to see and hear more.

The project aims to shed light on how everyday sounds make us feel and contribute to our lives. Sounds of Europe aims to paint a picture of the different ways people and organizations are using field sound recordings. The project's blog highlights activities and artistic projects that explore the sounds of the world, creating an international exchange of understandings regarding sound and listening.

These two surveys will be in the August 19th Newsletter:

Disability Inclusion Action Plan Survey

Federal Minister Carla Qualtrough has this note to share with you: “Last month I launched the engagement process for Canada’s first ever Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP). An accessible survey is now available online to allow Canadians to provide valuable insights and feedback on priority areas of the plan. These include financial security, employment, disability-inclusive spaces, and building a modern approach to disability within the Government of Canada. 

In the spirit of “Nothing Without Us”, all Canadians, especially persons with disabilities, their caregivers and family members, stakeholders and organizations working with persons with disabilities, are invited to complete the survey. This input will directly inform the work of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan. Canadians can access and complete the survey online by September 30, 2021.”

Complete the survey here:

Independent Living Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

In partnership with ARCH Disability Law Centre, Independent Living Canada has created a survey on COVID-19 and the experiences of people with disabilities. So far, they have found out that 34% of their respondents were concerned about getting the vaccine. What are your concerns? 29% of their respondents experienced barriers at their vaccination site. Have you encountered any barriers? What was your experience? Complete the survey by August 20th. Better yet, get it done today: