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Risk Factors Associated With Environmental Pressure Changes on Tympanic Membrane Rupture and Ear Damage

A first concern when presenting pressure into the ear canal that involves the tympanic membrane relates to risk – will it be uncomfortable, could it rupture the tympanic membrane (eardrum), could it cause other damage to the external auditory canal, or have other side effects? This rational question must be answered about any product that results in pressure changes in the ear canal.

Creative Audiology Problem Solving

In the early days of hearing science, audiologists and hearing scientists would develop solutions to problems by applying scientific knowledge and using a trial-and-error approach. Today, we focus on evidence-based practice, however, there are situations that may require creative thinking and problem-solving. Cory Portnuff shares three stories illustrating the benefits of thinking “outside of the box” for our patients.

Mysteries of the Hearing Brain

A key advantage of the cABR is that it does not require active participation by the listener. Given the growing interest in assessing auditory function beyond the cochlea, it is hoped that audiologists will embrace new technologies to improve the diagnosis and management of central auditory disorders.

Striking the Right Balance

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Michael Vekasi, Doctor of Audiology and Registered Audiologist, provides a book review for Electronystagmography and Videonystagmography: ENG/VNG, 2nd Edition by Devin L. McCaslin.

Reducing Dependence on Attenuation for Decreased Sound Tolerance

Decreased sound tolerance often causes people to have an exaggerated startle response to sound that may lead to isolation, distress, anxiety, and the inability to concentrate, affecting performance at school or in the workplace. The normal reaction to decreased sound tolerance often leads to the overuse of sound attenuation created by hearing protection devices.

Cerumen Management — One of Hearing Healthcare’s Neglected Services

Hearing healthcare issues caused by cerumen impaction are preventable and should be addressed before further complications arise. However, timely and appropriate access to cerumen management services is often lacking. The good news is she knowledge, protocols, and tools exist to develop comprehensive cerumen management services for the entire population.

Find Serenity with Phonak

Find Serenity with Phonak

Phonak has introduced a line of Serenity universal and custom ear protection products this year and Logan McMeekin, Phonak’s Learning Manager, sat down for an interview to tell us more.


Audiology in the Classrooms

We have now all survived a full year of school during a pandemic – what have we learned? What lessons can we take forward into the next year of uncertainty, given that Ministries of Education across Canada have released back-to-school plans which assume in-person learning?

The Way I Hear It

It’s OK to ask for repeats – without apology and without shame. It’s part of our hearing loss toolkit. People in our lives want to communicate with us, and communication is a two-way street.

Noisy Notes

The A, B, C System can be traced back to the oldest CSA standard for hearing protectors published in 1965. Subsequent editions of the Standard have kept it with minor changes. However, the Standard is now under revision, expected to be re-issued in the year 2022. It is unknown if the CSA Technical Committee on Occupational Hearing Conservation that is presently revising the Standard will keep the system or scrap it altogether.

From the Labs to the Clinics

In the history of audiology, many new ideas and methods have come and gone. Some things that were once new, are now gone and some brilliant methods to evaluate hearing, such as the Bekesy audiometry and the tone-decay test, appear to have been abandoned. I don't know why because they were so informative.

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Industry News: Sept 2021

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