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Congratulations on Your Retirement, Alberto Behar!

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Editor’s Note: All of Alberto Behar’s old Noisy Notes columns can still be accessed. Readers should click on “past issues” and in each issue, going back to the inception of in January 2014, you will find his contributions.

Alberto Behar has been a long-time columnist with CanadianAudiologist, and the Canadian Hearing Report before that with Noisy Notes. Now that he is over 90, he has decided to slow down a bit, and his last column appears in issue #1, Vol. 9 of On behalf of the editorial committee, we would like to thank Alberto for his work.

I first met Alberto when he was with Ontario Hydro and was responsible for hearing conservation and noise control. Before that, he worked at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to design highway noise barriers. At that time, we worked together, with others, on the development of noise standards for the province of Ontario. And Alberto, Meg Cheesman, and I published Noise Control: a primer (Singular Publishing Group, now Plural Publishing Group, in 2000).1

Alberto is a professional engineer and Certified Industrial Hygienist and, as an acoustical consultant, has been active for over 55 years in hearing conservation, noise and vibration measurement, assessment, and control. In 1966 he was the Director of the Department of Acoustics at the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial in Argentina, and in 1977, as a result of an Argentinian coup, he came to Canada.

He has contributed significantly to Canadian standards and helped develop national and provincial standards, and along with way, he has been the recipient of many awards (such as the CSA Award of Merit in 2013 and Hugh Nelson Award of OHAO in 2001, and Fulbright scholarship). And Alberto is still active as a researcher at the Ryerson University in Toronto, dealing mainly with hearing conservation and associated areas.

The Canadian Academy of Audiology wishes you well on your retirement and thanks you for your contributions.

Marshall Chasin, AuD.,

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Alberto Behar

Alberto Behar, PEng

Alberto Behar is a professional engineer and certified industrial hygienist. He is also a former adjunct assistant professor at the University of Toronto and lecturer at York University. Presently he is research assistant at Ryerson University. Earlier in his career Alberto was the recipient of a Fulbright fellowship.