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Fact or Myth: Pregnancy Affects Otosclerosis

Zinc Effectiveness in Tinnitus Treatment

About the authors

Rachel Dingle, MSc, PhD, MCl Sc

Rachel Dingle received her doctorate at Dalhousie University (2012). Her doctoral thesis used behavioural psychophysical methods to explore the neural mechanisms underlying sound localization in humans. She continued on to complete her Master’s of Clinical Science in Audiology from Western University (2015) and is now working at the Ear & Hearing Clinic in Elmira, Ontario. Her work has been published in the Journals of the Acoustical Society of America, Hearing Research, Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, and Physiology & Behavior. She has recently co-authored a chapter in the 7th edition of The Handbook of Clinical Audiology.

Rajeet Lindhar, MClSc

Rajeet recently graduated from the MCl Sc Audiology program at Western University. He has since moved to Gander, Newfoundland to work for the James Paton Memorial Hospital. It is his first time being out East, but his love of audiology and exploring his new surroundings is keeping him very busy. He is excited to be starting his audiology career.