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Message from the President

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The Canadian Academy of Audiology continues to be the largest association dedicated to the roles and functions of audiologists in Canada. All the decision-makers and influencers in the Academy are audiologists.  In my year as the CAA President and in my years on the CAA board, we have established vibrant professional networks with the provincial associations and audiologists, both personally and professionally. 

While CAA is a national association, we are keenly aware that health care in Canada is governed by both federal and provincial policymakers.  For years now, we have established efforts to take a truly ‘national’ approach. It is important to understand that the Hearing Health Alliance of Canada is focusing on a ‘national’ hearing health strategy which means that the advocacy efforts are both regional and federal. While some of the initial effort was at a federal level, the HHAC also engaged in significant awareness building of provincial policymakers, beginning in 2019 in Ontario. The plan includes significant advocacy activity in all the provinces and regions. 

I have found over my presidential tenure that it takes a concerted effort of federal, provincial, regional, and individual input to make a difference. Without this interaction, advocacy and lobbying efforts will always fall short.  Nevertheless, the CAA, being the representative of the largest group of Canadian audiologists, has made great strides, but only because everyone and every jurisdiction and region is involved. We will continue to move ahead on the Direct referral to ENT program in all regions and continue our support in provincial funding and collaborations as in the past. 

The CAA has demonstrated commitment to and provided opportunities for the future leaders in our field- the audiology students. Students need to learn about the assessment and treatment of the hearing and balance mechanisms and how to be advocates for themselves and our profession. CAA feels that nurturing our students is critical to the health and vibrancy of Audiology in Canada.  We are dedicated to helping these new professionals in any way possible.

In addition, the CAA publishes one of the most respected e-journals in the world —  Annually, there are over 1 million hits, with readership increasing by 20% year over year.  The articles written by CAA clinicians and researchers alike touch on virtually all audiology and audiological care areas. This provides Canadian audiologists with cutting-edge information that can be translated into clinical approaches. It also includes connections with patient issues and matters shared across our industry not found in other Canadian journals. 

The CAA is where audiologists can find a professional home. Please refer to our website for the many benefits provided for Audiologists and their patients. 

I hope you all had a pleasant and healthy summer and wish for this to continue going forward.

About the author

Margaret Young

Margaret Young has her Masters of Science in Audiology from the University of Western Ontario. Margaret started her career in private practice with a focus on pediatrics. She worked at several clinics in southern Ontario and then opened her own practice in Walkerton Ontario in the late 90’s. In addition to her private practice venture, Margaret consulted in Educational Audiology with the Auditory Management Services team providing Educational Audiology to school boards in South and Midwestern Ontario, and later in the Ottawa region. Margaret then transitioned to the manufacturing sector by joining Oticon first as a Technical Support Audiologist and later as their Senior Trainer. In 2009 Margaret accepted a unique opportunity with Costco Wholesale and is currently Director of Hearing Aids for Costco Canada. Margaret has a particular interest in patient centred care and the setting of clinical care standards for dispensing of hearing aids in Canada.