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Volume 3

Book Review

Let me start with a disclaimer: this review is incredibly biased. I am a huge fan of Gael and of the generous way that she shares the personal side of living with a hearing loss. I first witnessed this at the Canadian Hearing Society in Toronto, where Gael performed her one-woman show for my “Hearing…

Research to Reality Training the Brain: Hearing Aids and ReadMyQuips

Arpana Rao writes about how audiologists have the unique opportunity to help the growing numbers of aging individuals with hearing loss maintain their quality of life through appropriate rehabilitation strategies.

Volume 2

What You SHOULD Say to People Who Have Hearing Loss

Advocates are often posting articles about what NOT to say to deaf people. In this instalment of “The Way I Hear It,” Gael Hannan tells us what we SHOULD say.

Occupational Noise Exposure in Nightclubs

This paper presents is summary of sound levels measured inside nightclubs featuring loud music and a study of the hearing damage risk potential to the employees and patrons.

A HoH’s Credo

Gael Hannan lays some wisdom on us with A HoH’s Credo.

What a HoH Needs to Know (Words to Explain Hearing Loss)

Gael Hannan wonders if people with hearing loss have unrealistic expectations with friends and love ones when it comes to remembering their communication challenges.

Volume 1

Behaviour Related to Hearing Impairment

Peter Stelmacovich explores different behaviours related to his hearing loss and shares tips on how he deals with them.

Exploring the Relationship between Hearing Loss and Fall Risk

Samidha Joklegar steps into this issue’s Science Matters and explores the relationship between hearing loss and fall risk.

Hooray for the Hearing Loss Nuts!

Gael Hannan looks at other people’s response to here enthusiastic advocacy for hearing loss issues.