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Volume 7

Hearing Innovation – Improving Healthcare for Canadians

To help address the problem of limited access to testing and diagnosis in at-risk populations, our research group has partnered with businesses and healthcare organizations to use SHOEBOX QuickTest to systematically identify patients with hearing loss as a routine part of hospital care.

Volume 6

Why is Tinnitus Hard to Measure?

Clearly, quantifying an internal perception such as a phantom sound is not a trivial task, especially when there is no clear cause.

Help! We Hate Hearing Tests!

Gael lets us know about the importance of audiologist being aware of the anxiety caused by hearing tests.

Volume 5

Who Does A Full Audiometric Assessment?

Bob’s column for this issue discusses knowledge translation in relation to clinical hearing tests.

Background Noise in Audiometric Booths and the New CSA Standard on Audiometric Tests

In this issue of Noisy Notes, Alberto Behar gives us a nice overview of the new edition of the CSA Standard on audiometric tests which was issued during the last month of 2017.

Volume 4

A Baby’s Cry for Hearing Help!

Gael Hannan tells us why it’s time for Canada to implement a national standard of newborn hearing screening and how the high cost of not doing so is far greater.

Etiology is Important

Robert Harrison urges all Canadian audiologists to look beyond their own test results and not to forget about etiology when it comes to audiometric evaluation.

Striking the Right Balance – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Involving Multiple Canals

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Alfarghal Mohamad discusses benign paroxysmal vertigo involving multiple canals and includes a video demonstrating right mixed posterior and horizontal canal BPPV nystagmus on right Dix-Hallpike test.

The Case for Diagnostic Audiology: Is Anyone Listening?

Glynnis Tidball tells us why audiolgists need to be active clinical and academic partners in the education of physicians and others working in the health sciences.

Hearing Aid Analyzers…Factory Floor Testing as a Start

The hearing professional has to remember that the hearing aid is a complicated hardware device.  Many things could and do happen to affect the way that it operates.  Sometimes, only by running an objective test is a defect found in what otherwise seems to be a perfect hearing aid. Frye and Staab look at the advantages of hearing aid analyzers.