Volume 5

The First CROS Hearing Aids?

In 1965, Harford and Barry were credited for the first accessible published description of across-head fitting. However, Wullstein and Wigand had published results on an almost identical across-head arrangement three-years earlier. Were these the first CROS hearing aids?

Vintage Hearing Aid Batteries

Wayne Staab take us through a look back at some of the commonly used batteries and cells of yesteryear, but which are not generally found today.

Stories From our Past

Courtesy of our friends at HHTM.org, Robert Traynor tells us about the fascinating Howard Hughes and The Road to Hearing Loss.

Stories From Our Past

Bob Traynor fires up the “Stories from Our Past” DeLorean and explores the forgotten questions surrounding patent #174465, which was eventually won by Alexander Graham Bell as the first person to transmit voice over a wire, thus inventing the telephone.

Volume 4

Stories From Our Past

A recently found box of “old hearing aids” left Wayne Staab to muse about how old some of these might be, and if there were any interesting features/design characteristics. And, why did he keep them?

The Road to the Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid

Buckle up and enjoy the ride as Robert Traynor takes on a trip down “The Road to the Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid.”

Book Review: Hearing Aids on Prescription, Herman G. Wallenfels, 1967, Charles C. Thomas Publisher.

Marshall fires up the Canadian Audiologist time machine one more time and gives us a book review about Herman G. Wallenfels 1967 book, “Hearing Aids on Prescription.”

From the Audimeter to the Audiometer

Wayne takes a fascinating look at how today’s audiometer is a far cry from what it was more than one hundred years ago, not only visibly, but also in technology.

Headphones: They have Come a Long Way, Baby!

Robert Traynor takes an interesting look at the evolution of headphones.

Volume 3

SNR-Mate© A Useful, Effective, and Simple Test Lost to Time and Sound Card Changes

Wayne and Steve tell us the tale of the “SNR-Mate© A Useful, Effective, and Simple Test Lost to Time and Sound Card Changes.”