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The Way I Hear It

While waiting to have her hearing aids serviced, Gael Hannan shares her thoughts in the form of a poem called Sitting Here Deaf.

Stories from Our Past

Harry Teder weighs in on the noise associated with common transient sounds: specifically from the kitchen.


Wayne Staab explores the agony and ecstasy of vestibular activity.

Noisy Notes

In this issue’s Noisy Notes, Alberto Behar writes about the (in)famous Noise Reduction Rating.

From the Centre Out

Kim Tillery explores the use of CAPD testing on a 5-year old.

Science Matters

Samidha Joklegar steps into this issue’s Science Matters and explores the relationship between hearing loss and fall risk.

Back to Basics

Marshall Chasin provides the answer to the Bell Labs mystery of the missing fundamental.

Other People's Ideas

In this issue, Calvin Staples selects some of Alan Desmond’s best blog entries from

The Wired Audiologist

Peter Stelmacovich explores different behaviours related to his hearing loss and shares tips on how he deals with them.
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