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Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments have Received FDA Clearance

Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments has received clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin the distribution of their tinnitus sound therapy in the U.S. This clearance will allow Sound Options to work with U.S.-based hearing clinics and audiologists to provide sound therapies for clients with tinnitus. Over the last 30 months, Canadian hearing clinics have been providing the sound therapy to clients who are looking for something specifically for their tinnitus or in combination with their hearing aids.

Approximately 20 million Americans struggle with serious cases of tinnitus and many are seeking ways to improve their quality of life, improve sleep and manage their chronic tinnitus. The FDA clearance of this sound therapy provides a much-needed option for those struggling with tinnitus who have previously been unable to access clinical treatment options due to high costs.

"It is very exciting to be able to provide our clinically-validated sound therapy to tinnitus sufferers in America,” said Sound Options CEO Michael Chrostowski, PhD. “We look forward to working with hearing health care professionals to provide an effective and affordable tinnitus management strategy."

The Sound Options treatment consists of sound therapy tracks customized for each tinnitus sufferer based on their unique hearing and tinnitus profile. This allows the treatment to address a condition that varies from person to person. Hearing clinics complete hearing and tinnitus assessments, that are then submitted to Sound Options electronically. Software incorporating a model of the auditory system, uses the profiles to design a sound therapy for that specific client. The sound therapy can then be self-administered via the user's music playing device, making it convenient and accessible. At present, the sound therapy is delivered as a standalone tinnitus treatment option or as part of comprehensive tinnitus management programs.

Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments works with hearing health care professionals including audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and Ear Nose and Throat doctors to provide tinnitus sufferers with a clinically tested and affordable way to manage their tinnitus. Sound Options has received numerous life science awards, and has the support of the Ontario Brain Institute, a leading organization in promoting brain science in industry and academia in Ontario and Canada. Sound Options is committed to providing tinnitus sufferers with effective and affordable ways to manage their tinnitus.

Clinics and hearing healthcare professionals can find out more about obtaining this new tinnitus therapy at

Launch of the Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities Project

Official Launch of the Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities Project / Lancement officiel du projet Plein feux sur les Déficiences Invisibles

Last week, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA), in partnership with 18 disability organizations, officially launched its Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities Project! 
Ways in which you and your network can participate:

  • Participate in the Spotlight Project webinars
  • Take the online survey
  • Take part in a community forum or consultation in your region

We invite you to share the information with all your members and networks. In addition, you could follow us and share on Facebook or Twitter #CHHASpotlight.

For more information, contact: Christianne Scholfield, Project Manager – 613-526-1584 or
SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT ON INVISIBLE DISABILITIES - Youth, Veterans and Seniors facing barriers in times of change

POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE: ATTIRER L’ATTENTION SUR LE PROJET PLEINS FEUX SUR LES DÉFICIENCES INVISIBLES - Les jeunes, les anciens combattants et les aînés doivent surmonter des obstacles pendant les périodes de changement

NSF awards $4.6M Grant for Sound Study in New York City

Researchers are mapping the noise of New York City with a $4.6 million National Science Foundation grant. Sensors installed in buildings will first record sounds around Washington Square Park before being installed in other areas of the city to gauge the amount of noise pollution. Read about it here.

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