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Volume 2

Hearing Aids – From Here to Eternity and Beyond”: An Article Written for the Hard of Hearing Consumer and Their Families

In the past 5 years or so, digital hearing aid technology has caught up and in most cases, surpassed the old analog hearing aid technology. This article discribes some of the things that modern digital hearing aids can do that could not be done (easily) with hearing aids of the past.

What Do Spondees, Math (and Music) Have In Common?

It is almost as if music has something in common with everything − psychology, physiology, acoustics, engineering, most areas of the arts, and now the lowly spondee – Marshall Chasin tells us why.

Volume 1

Slope of PI Function Is Not 10%-per-dB in Noise for All Noises and for All Patients

Editor-in-Chief Marshall Chasin gives us a very interesting Back to Basics column with his entry “Slope of PI Function Is Not 10%-per-dB in Noise for All Noises and for All Patients.”

What is “Soft,” “Medium,” and “Loud” for Speech and Music?

Marshall Chasin gives us the scoop on What is “Soft,” “Medium,” and “Loud” for Speech and Music?

Bell Labs and the Case of the Missing Fundamental

Marshall Chasin provides the answer to the Bell Labs mystery of the missing fundamental.

The Use of a High Frequency Emphasis Microphone for Musicians

Marshall Chasin and Mark Schmidt tell us about the HF microphone as a low-tech solution for performing musicians and “ultra-audiophiles.”

A Hearing Aid Solution for Music

Marshall Chasin writes about how True Input technology from Widex is allowing musicians, and those who like to listen to music, to receive an amplified signal that is effectively distortion free.

Programming Hearing Instruments to Make Live Music More Enjoyable

Neil Hockley et al., write that while concentrating clinical efforts on the perception of speech in many different environments, hearing healthcare providers may sometimes overlook other signals, such as music, that may be very meaningful to the patient.

What is “Effective Quiet” for Music and Noise?

Marshall Chasin tell us What is “Effective Quiet” for Music and Noise.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Version française disponible ci-dessous I am frequently asked by my musician clients if they can have control over my software programming when fitting and adjusting their hearing aids. At this point I usually look over my glasses frame and with my best paternalistic look, I say “no.” At this point they get impatient with me…