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Volume 11

Q and A with Dr. Stéphane Maison re: Vasilkov et al., Scientific Reports, 2023

Our Associate Editor, Dr. Steve Aiken, recently sat down with Dr. Stephane Maison about a recent study showing evidence for cochlear nerve degeneration in people with tinnitus, but normal hearing thresholds.

Volume 9

Hidden Hearing Loss: Revisiting the Significance of Word Recognition Scores in Standard Audiometric Evaluations

Scientific reports. (2022) has reignited our interest in “hidden hearing loss.” We caught up with one of the authors of this report, Dr. Stephane Maison, for both a summary of this important research, as well as a more general Question and Answer section that immediately follows the reference section of the summary.

A New Perspective on Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss

While daily exposures to noise are deemed to be “atraumatic” in the sense that they are not followed by a measurable change in hearing thresholds, it is legitimate to question whether these daily noise exposures affect our hearing health throughout a lifetime.