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Volume 7

Brian C. J. Moore’s Great Influence on Hearing Aid Development

Within our field, we are very grateful for the work that Brian Moore has done, and it is safe to say that his work has benefitted many individuals with hearing loss around the globe.

Brian CJ Moore, or the Art of Scientific Writing

Proper scientific writing requires a keen sense of proportion, an assertive taste for parsimony and above all, elegance. This is Brian CJ Moore.

50 years of Audiology Research. Who Could Ask for Anything Moore?

Brian wrote his PhD thesis in 1971 and he is retiring at age 75? That would be 50 years worth of new knowledge to the field of audiology. Well done! Who could ask for anything Moore?

Music and Hearing Aids: An Unexpected Journey

Brian’s research has helped identify specific issues associated with using hearing aids for music. Hopefully, this knowledge can help in the development of future hearing aids that are better for music.

A Temporal Window on the Life of Brian

Brian strides over the field of psychoacoustics like a laid-back colossus, albeit one who wears socks with his sandals.

The Close Encounter of the Audiology Kind: Brian Moore

Brian’s work has had a lasting impact on me as a student, teacher, and researcher throughout my career. His contribution to the world of hearing goes well beyond one discipline and has influenced and shaped the work of many researchers and clinicians across the globe.

A Lab Less Ordinary

Brian Moore’s Auditory Perception Lab was an invigorating environment to work and Brian was then (and still is) an inspiration, balancing exquisitely designed psychophysical experiments with the development of meaningful diagnostic hearing tests and interventions for real-world applications.

Brian Moore Sandwich: Early Years and Several Retirements

Brian thoroughly deserves this special issue, and we all look forward to not quite catching up with his publication record for many years to come.

Brian Moore and the Sound of Music

For many auditory researchers, music is cited as a strong motivator for first entering the field. Brian Moore is an excellent example.

My Short History of Nearly Everything about Brian Moore: Boss, Mentor, VIP, and Friend

Throughout the years Brian has provided me with his kind mentorship, guidance, and support that shaped not only my academic career but the person I am now and the way I see life. He is one special person.