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Wired for Sound: Auditory Perception in Songbirds

Songbirds not only complement your early morning walk in the woods, but may provide insight into broader research questions about auditory perception, acoustic features used for discrimination, and the underlying neural mechanisms important for auditory processing.

Optical Coherence Tomography of the Middle Ear

While still in its technological infancy, middle ear OCT offers a compelling new set of diagnostic capabilities that could change the way middle ear disease is diagnosed.

The Dalhousie Hearing Aid Assistance Program

Rachel Caissie and Sarah Mason fill us in on the excellent work done by DHAAP to provide donated hearing aids to Nova Scotians, particularly seniors, who are not able to afford their own.

Striking the Right Balance – Pediatric Vestibular Assessment: Considerations and Modifications

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Audiologists Curtis Wetmore and Kaitlin Harvey from the Centre for Advanced Hearing and Balance Testing and the Munk Hearing Centre at Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, ON, share their insight on considerations and modifications for pediatric vestibular assessments.

How Leaf Blowers Are Trying to Kill Us

In this article, chemical engineer Monty McDonald, the Environment Chair of the Bayview Village Association in Toronto, provides information about the air-born chemical pollution issues relating to leaf blowers.

History of ENT – Murder Most Foul, Strange and Unnatural

The assassination in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is perpetrated by the ingenious method of pouring poison into the old King’s ear. Few doctors are not asked, ‘is it possible to kill anybody by pouring poison in their ear?’

Data: The New Way Forward in Hearing Healthcare

From digital records to health-related apps, data is revolutionizing the health care experience—and allowing people to make more informed decisions about their health with their care providers.


Issues in Accessibility

With the passing of Bill C-81:  The Accessible Canada Act., this article hopes to outline seven steps to help create an accessibility project in your community.

The Way I Hear It

Gael Hannan tells us why telecoils in her hearing aids have made her life better.

Noisy Notes

Are there harmful effects from the noise generated by the wind turbines and, if the answer is “yes”, what are they and what are the risks they represent?

Audiology in the Classrooms

This issue’s column will explore some of the misconceptions that classroom teachers have about hearing loss, and how to provide better information and strategies for them to support students effectively.

From the Labs to the Clinics

Robert Harrison warns us that if predatory journals persist there is a possibility that “entire fields of fake science will be able to thrive, and we will lose the ability to tell the difference”.
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