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Thank You Dr. Brian Moore



Thank You Dr. Brian Moore

It has been an honour to co-ordinate this special issue of to celebrate and fete the life and work of Dr. Brian Moore.

Brian Moore and the Sound of Music

For many auditory researchers, music is cited as a strong motivator for first entering the field. Brian Moore is an excellent example.

A Lab Less Ordinary

Brian Moore’s Auditory Perception Lab was an invigorating environment to work and Brian was then (and still is) an inspiration, balancing exquisitely designed psychophysical experiments with the development of meaningful diagnostic hearing tests and interventions for real-world applications.

The Close Encounter of the Audiology Kind: Brian Moore

Brian’s work has had a lasting impact on me as a student, teacher, and researcher throughout my career. His contribution to the world of hearing goes well beyond one discipline and has influenced and shaped the work of many researchers and clinicians across the globe.

Music and Hearing Aids: An Unexpected Journey

Brian’s research has helped identify specific issues associated with using hearing aids for music. Hopefully, this knowledge can help in the development of future hearing aids that are better for music.


Issues in Accessibility

Understanding potential listening barriers and identifying how to effectively maximize communication is the key to holding a successful virtual meeting.


A handheld microphone is a microphone like all others. However, how you hold the microphone affects the sound. Some use this to their advantage; others don't realize this is the case. This article explains how your sound may change depending on how you hold the microphone.

Noisy Notes

Measurements and assessment of most noises are relatively easy and have commonly accepted standards There are, however, situations, where most of the energy is concentrated in the lower end of the audible spectra, where the assessment presents problems that are not yet solved.

The Way I Hear It

After finding a copy of Dorothy Scott’s 80 Years of Looking & Learning, Gael Hannan takes a trip back in time to see what life was like in the past for people with hearing loss.

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