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Volume 4

Does Hearing Loss Embarrass Your Clients?

The always insightful Gael Hannan gives us some tips on handling communication glitches that can come with hearing loss.


After a cross-country move, Gael Hannan tells us about her first meeting with a new audiologist.

A Baby’s Cry for Hearing Help!

Gael Hannan tells us why it’s time for Canada to implement a national standard of newborn hearing screening and how the high cost of not doing so is far greater.

Stupid Hearing Loss Questions to Ask Yourself. You Won’t Believe Your Answers!

Gael Hannan challenges us with some goofy hearing loss questions to take our mind off the serious stuff that’s going on out there in the world. She will give her answers to these quirky queries and we’re sure yours will be widely and wildly different.

Becoming Bimodal

Gael Hannan tries out a new label—bimodal.

Volume 3

When a HoH Meets A Pro

In this issue’s instalment, Gael Hannan tells us about the magic that can happen with the right kind of HoH meets the right kind of Pro.

Drinks, Dementia & Hearing loss

In this issue’s installment, Gael Hannan tells us why you might want to drop by your local watering hole to help protect your hearing.

Don’t Make Us Beg

Gael Hannan points out that consumer advocates want to work with the hearing health industry to bring about change but Canadians with hearing loss are waiting. Please, don’t make them beg.

How Do We Explain Ourselves?

Gael Hannan explains how people with hearing loss occupy an awkward place in this world that spins on the sounds of people, nature, and machines that most other people can hear and understand.

When Hearing Changes, So Does Life

Gael explores her feelings about being recommended for a cochlear implant.