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Volume 5

Smartphones and Microphones

Marshall looks at the pros and cons of the multitude of apps that can turn smartphones into sound-level meters, recording devices, playback devices, and to be coupled with external devices for hearing aids.

Volume 4

The Evolution of Directionality: Have Developments Led to Greater Benefit for Hearing Aid Users?

This article looks at how each development step differs from traditional fixed directionality, explains how different directional features work, and gives clinical advice for each. In addition, accessories that can further improve SNR via wireless communication are discussed.

Volume 2

Binaural Beamforming and Directionality: Siemens Technology Holds Clear Performance Advantage

In this Siemens-sponsored advertorial we learn about Since the inception of directional processing in hearing aids, Siemens has been at the forefront of development and research.

Measuring Directionality of Modern Hearing Aids

Marc Aubreville, Dipl.-Ing and Stefan Petrausch, PhD explain why directionality in hearing aids is a key factor in understanding speech in noise, especially in very complex and demanding situations.

Volume 1

The Use of a High Frequency Emphasis Microphone for Musicians

Marshall Chasin and Mark Schmidt tell us about the HF microphone as a low-tech solution for performing musicians and “ultra-audiophiles.”