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Volume 7

Fallacy of “The Teacher Voice”

This issue’s Audiology in the Classrooms is by Dr. Krista Yuskow of the Edmonton Public Schools as an educational audiologist. Of her many interests Krista focuses on the relationship between hearing loss and self-determination.

Can You Hear Me in the Back? The Answer is No!

Janine Verge shares her top 5 reasons to always use a microphone when public speaking.

Volume 3

The Wired Audiologist

In his last column, Peter discussed candidacy for wireless microphones. In this issue, he shares some personal strategies he uses in challenging listening situations.

Volume 2

Uncovering the Complexity of Micro-Electronic-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Microphones

Courtesy our friends at Starkey, Jason Galster and Daniel Warren give us the latest on “Uncovering the Complexity of Micro-Electronic-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Microphones.