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Volume 3

Predicting Musician’s Hearing Loss

Alberto Behar writes that there is nothing new regarding hearing loss from long duration exposure to loud noise. The question has always been on how loud is loud and how long a duration should be to be considered as “long.”

The Final Element

Marshall Chasin tells us about “The Final Element.” That one last piece of the puzzle to optimize a hearing aid for music.

Volume 2

What is the Best Earphone for Listening To Music?

Do you ever wonder what the best earphone for listening to music is? Marshall Chasin has the answers.

Australian HEARsmart Targets Unhealthy Listening Habits

In a wonderful submission from Elizabeth Beach and Jane Sewell, we learn about how the new Australian HEARsmart program targets unhealthy listening habits.

Volume 1

What is “Soft,” “Medium,” and “Loud” for Speech and Music?

Marshall Chasin gives us the scoop on What is “Soft,” “Medium,” and “Loud” for Speech and Music?

A Hearing Aid Solution for Music

Marshall Chasin writes about how True Input technology from Widex is allowing musicians, and those who like to listen to music, to receive an amplified signal that is effectively distortion free.

Programming Hearing Instruments to Make Live Music More Enjoyable

Neil Hockley et al., write that while concentrating clinical efforts on the perception of speech in many different environments, hearing healthcare providers may sometimes overlook other signals, such as music, that may be very meaningful to the patient.

Music: Sound or Sight?

Wayne Staab tells us why hearing may be the most influential sense of them all.

The Importance of Playing a Musical Instrument

Peter Stelmacovich discusses the importance of playing a musical instrument for people with hearing loss.

I Dream of Music

Gael Hannan shares her dream of being able hear, understand, and enjoy music the way the hearing people do.