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Volume 2

How Young is Too Young to Evaluate Children for Auditory Processing Disorders?

Guest contributor Jay Lucker, PhD, explores “How Young is Too Young to Evaluate Children for Auditory Processing Disorders?”

Some Interesting Cases in APD Evaluations

Kim Tillery returns to From the Centre Out for this issue and shares “Some Interesting Cases in APD Evaluations.”

Is mHealth the Solution to the Global Audiology Shortage?

Dr. Matthew Bromwich explains how the use of low-cost consumer devices to provide basic and advanced hearing testing was both cost- and time-efficient. And, when faced with the massive global shortfall of audiometric services, it is important to conduct intelligent triage to streamline access to services for those who need them. They believe that mHealth has the potential to transform the face of heath service delivery across the globe.

A Treatment Planning Checklist

In Peter’s last column he discussed the value and importance of incorporating speech-in-noise testing into an audiologist’s standard set of assessments. Now he tells us how to develop a treatment plan with this information.

Volume 1

Striking the Right Balance

In our newest column, guest contributor Dave Pothier gives us his proposed principles of vestibular function and testing.

Message from the Guest Editors

A vestibular tsunami is heading our way. The baby boom, the silver wave, the senior vortex. Statistics Canada estimates that the proportion of Canadians aged 65 and over will grow from one in seven Canadians in 2011, to almost one in four by 2036. This means the number of seniors is expected to double from…

Five-Year Olds and CAPD

Kim Tillery explores the use of CAPD testing on a 5-year old.

Vestibular Issues in General Practice

Janine Verge covers vestibular issues in general practice.

Using Computerized Dynamic Posturography in the Medical/legal Setting: How We Do It

Art Mallinson writes about using computerized dynamic posturography in the medical/legal setting.

Update on cVEMP and oVEMP Testing in Superior Canal Dehiscence

Erin Piker updates us on cVEMP and oVEMP testing in superior canal dehiscence.