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Volume 3

A Proposal to Standardize Gaze during oVEMP Testing using a Chin Rest

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” column coordinator Janine Verge and her coauthor Anton Charko give us a “Proposal to Standardize Gaze during oVEMP Testing using a Chin Rest.”

Volume 2

Self-Disclosing Sexual Preference as a Health Care Professional

Janine Verge explains how, when it comes to personal disclosure, you will have to balance several values with every patient: what is best for the patient, being consistent/truthful with your own personal values, and your own professional and personal safety.

Volume 1

Message from the Guest Editors

A vestibular tsunami is heading our way. The baby boom, the silver wave, the senior vortex. Statistics Canada estimates that the proportion of Canadians aged 65 and over will grow from one in seven Canadians in 2011, to almost one in four by 2036. This means the number of seniors is expected to double from…

Vestibular Issues in General Practice

Janine Verge covers vestibular issues in general practice.