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Third Mobile Window Syndrome of the Inner Ear: Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence and Associated Disorders
First Edition.
Gerard J. Gianoli, Philippa Thomson, Editors.
ISBN: 978-3-031-16585-6

Reviewed by Cory Portnuff, AuD PhD

This book represents the first full-length textbook on third mobile window disorders including superior semicircular canal dehiscence, enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome, and a variety of other similar disorders. It is a highly comprehensive review of cochlear pathophysiology, including both evaluation and treatment options.

This text should be required reading for any neuro-otology fellow, cochlear physiologist, neuro-otologist, or skull-base surgeon.  Any otolaryngologist wanting to understand these types of disorder would be well served to read and digest this tome.  Audiologists will appreciate the perceptual discussions, especially those in chapters 27 and 28.  Any audiologist working with complex otology patients will find this information useful, though vestibular specialists and tinnitus specialists will find the most immediate use of the information presented. This text would be an excellent addition to any advanced vestibular science course, a cochlear mechanics course, or just as a very in-depth desk reference. 

A diverse set of perspectives about third mobile window syndromes is provided, looking at a variety of etiologies and subsequent treatments.  Some of the information presented does reflect the authors’ opinions more than true evidence-based practice, but this is more due to the novelty of the information rather than a lack of clarity by the authors. 

Overall, this book is a comprehensive and in-depth look at third window phenomena of the inner ear, which ought to have a place in many collections.  It is densely packed with knowledge about a very specific set of disorders, and even the most seasoned experts in labyrinthine physiology will find a wide variety of pearls of wisdom.  This text is worth reading and contemplating over a lot of cups of coffee.

About the author

Cory Portnuff, AuD PhD

Dr. Cory Portnuff is a clinical audiologist at the University of Colorado Hospital and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. In the clinic, he works with patients of all ages, with a focus on audiologic rehabilitation, treatment for tinnitus and services for musicians. Dr. Portnuff is board certified in audiology with a specialty certification in pediatric audiology. His research focuses on hearing loss prevention, including noise-induced hearing loss in children and hearing protection for musicians. Dr. Portnuff teaches in the AuD program at the University of Colorado Boulder and has taught courses at a variety of other universities. He enjoys reading audiology textbooks while on vacation.