Volume 4

Ototoxicity and Vestibular Dysfunction

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Dr. Darren Tse, founder of The Ottawa Hospital Multidisciplinary Dizziness Clinic,  discusses how to diagnose, prevent, and treat ototoxicity.

Volume 3

Overlapping Scopes of Practice: An Interview Examining the Relationship between Audiologists and Physiotherapists Who Specialize in Vestibular Rehabilitation

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” two audiology students interview two private practice physiotherapists in an effort to learn more about including vestibular rehabilitation in audiology practice and how the two professions overlap when managing vestibular patients.

Striking the Right Balance

Lisa Koch, AuD,  discusses what she feels is the general scope of practice audiologists should consider when including vestibular rehabilitation in their practice.

Dizziness is the Bane of Existence of the General Physician, Emergency Room Doctor, and Neurologist

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Dr. Ken Makus, a private practice neurologist, and his son Donovan Makus, discuss vestibular migraine.

A Proposal to Standardize Gaze during oVEMP Testing using a Chin Rest

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” column coordinator Janine Verge and her coauthor Anton Charko give us a “Proposal to Standardize Gaze during oVEMP Testing using a Chin Rest.”

Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation for Symptoms Following Concussion

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Patrick Thompson, physiotherapist 
with LifeMark Health at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, discusses his clinical
experience with vestibular assessment and rehabilitation for symptoms following a concussion.

Volume 2

Advanced Competency in Vestibular Assessment and Management: British Columbia’s Perspective

In this issue’s installment, guest contributor Erica Zaia talks about her involvement with the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professions of British Columbia and the development of the Advanced Competency Certificate in vestibular assessment and management.

From Vestibular Patient to Vestibular Audiologist

In this issue’s installment, Michael Vekasi shares his unique insights as both a vestibular patient and audiologist.

An Update on Meniere’s Disease

In this issue’s installment, Dr. Neil Bailie gives us an update on Meniere’s disease.

A Day in the Life of a Vestibular Audiologist

Carolyn Falls explores A Day in the Life of a Vestibular Audiologist.